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author and director: Ani Vaseva
dramaturge: Boyan Manchev
design: Georgi Sharov
music: Konstantin Markov
photography: Georgi Dimitrov 

with: Leonid Yovchev and Galya Kostadinova

Premiere - March 2016, DNK, Sofia

Total Damage is comedy about the damage that we cause ourselves by living. About love, beauty, art. About the aimless affects. Performance from, for and with people, animals and flowers. Life is excess of energy that is never transformed – the hairy bodies of our affects, our hairy pets, our hairy doubles. Total Damage is aimed at this excess until complete exhaustion.

“There are no barriers for love (except physical).”

* * *

TOTAL DAMAGE is absolute expenditure of existing. Destruction, from which our phoenix rises - ruin is our oeuvre. The place where existence is possible only as permanent apocalypse. Revealing of what is hidden, manifestation of what is double, triple and multiple, discerning of what is single. We are moved by desire, which is totally expended, without being exhausted. Desire that gives you fever and has no purpose, besides actualizing itself. Not to attain its object, because there is no object, but to be constant reality. Desire has no perspective, doesn't meet the dark melancholy of its accomplishment. Its world is absolute and it motor is perpetuum. We are trotskyists of desire.
Ani Vaseva

«Total Damage is full-blooded performance that excites and amazes the spectator, with Metheor’s ingenuity and professionalism. Those two qualities penetrate all levels – dramaturgy, directing, music and before all – actor’s performance and presence.»
Elena Angelova in въпреки.com

«In Total Damage we see the body that Antonin Artaud calls "body without organs": dreaming, transgressive, epileptic, sado-masochistic; body that captures the moment of its own movement in the brightest radiance, intense to the limit, ecstatic.»
Maria Yanakieva, Literaturen vestnik

«The work of Ani Vaseva and her collegues, part of Metheor, has extraordinary potential for multidirectional development and transformation. Total Damage, with its different aura, provokes strong interest in the audience – what comes next?»
Radoslav Mehandjijski in

«The affect’s exaltation is the constant moving power of the metheors. In this performance the audience meets the physical tension of actors’ ecstasy.»
Hristo Kaloyanov, Kultura newspaper

«At the moment of the big bang, or the total damage, freedom is born. You see it grow – on stage. It is small and clumsy in your mind. The performance, directed by Ani Vaseva, frees us from knowing what is art and what isn’t, what is normal and what isn’t. It makes you take those decision again. On your own.»
Kalina Palaveeva in

- - -

Total Damage was created with the support of Sofia Municipality’s Culture Programme for 2016 and DNK/National Palace of Culture.
Total Damage Song
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